Hip Hop


Whilst starting to just dance HipHop in community teams, local festivals and competitions.. after 10 solid years of training. Alekz Samone is now a professional dancer in Los Angeles. He was raised in Louisiana with with a deep, strong connection and passion for music that shows in his devotion to teaching to feel-good music and fulfilling movement. He’s all about a good love song with expressive musicality. In recent years, he has done big dance projects with artists like Kanye West, Reebok, and Gucci. Performing with top artists such as Dua Lipa, Big Sean, Sabrina Claudia and Lauv. His credits including Teen Choice Awards, Gucci, People Choice Awards, BET’s Gospel Celebration, and more. 

Alekz’s devotion and dedication for sharing his knowledge, experiences and love for dance has him recently sought to teach in places such as London, Paris, Germany, and Canada. He has acquired a weekly slot at Debbie Reynolds and KreativMndz Dance Complex in Los Angeles. Also enlisted as an ongoing sub for Movement Lifestyle Dance Studio.


Kanye West

Big Sean

Dua Lipa

Sabrina Claudia