Host a Bridge Training Program Intensive at your studio! 

Receive 10 hours of dance industry training and learn how to make dance a career. Not only will you learn steps, but you will also be trained in building a more positive lifestyle, auditioning techniques, creating a professional portfolio, and more. It is an all age event! Recommended for ages 10 years and older**

Beginner classes available**

The Bridge Training Program (TBTP) is the perfect program for students that are wanting to dance professionally. Beyond the steps, each student will be mentored/trained physically, mentally, and emotionally by each faculty member, up to industry standard. TBTP will help Touch And Guide (T.A.G.) its students. Let us help bridge your students gap, and help them prepare for the industry.

*Minimum Student Count - We will provide a proposal

**At parents discretion


To help train the minds of the youth To think more positively and believe in themselves, uplift and encourage their spirit to lead with love, and give knowledge to help bridge the gap between students and the dance industry.


All you have to do is select your faculty, We will take care of the rest. Proposals are given for a student minimum.


An event that helps students receive on the spot feedback from the faculty. 15 registered students can perform a 90 second solo or freestyle at The Showcase. 

An experience you don’t want to miss!