Jensen is known for her upbeat energy and her skill set as a Professional Tap dancer. Her knowledge of training in Los Angeles for 20 years shines when you see this fresh faced talent in her

element. It could be her qualities as an Instructor that pulls you in. Jensen teaches Tap and Hip Hop to both competitive and recreational level dancers in Southern California. She began to travel and teach for The Streetz Dance Convention in 2016 and in 2017 became there dedicated tap teacher. She focuses on leveling the playing field of tap dancing in a convention atmosphere by creating this style that is easily approachable. 

Her way of expressing herself in this style reflects her mentors who have influenced her to being to create a style known as West Coast Tap. Or maybe you have seen her across the US, assisting her mentor Ryan Lohoff at Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention since 2013. 

She has been Ryan's devoted assistant for the past 7 years and

continues to create new exciting projects with him, through Rithem Dance Company. Their goal is to create more tap dancing paid jobs and make it mainstream for the existing tap dancers in LA.

Rithem presents LIVE performance, create conceptual videos, produce master intensives, set studio choreography, design costumes/apparel and provides educational tools for all styles of dance.

She is trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Lyrical and Contemporary. You can follow Jensen as she judges for VIP Dance Competition and has taught Hip Hop master classes at their

Sandusky 2018 Nationals event. Her goals are to continue the legacy of being a teacher while keeping her passion projects alive.


Rithem Dance Company

The Streetz Dance Convention Tap into the Network