Hip Hop


Kassidy Bright is a professional dancer/choreographer that currently resides in Los Angeles where she continues to study her passion which is dancing, teaching and creating. Kassidy was born in Hawaii and showed interest in dance lessons because of her older sister Kaili. Having moved a lot in her childhood dancing was always a constant in her life and at a fairly young age she realized her dancing was able to

not only give herself joy but also inspire others. Kassidy was also very fortunate at a young age to realize her strength was hip hop and has always been entertaining and has impressed many with her hip hop

abilities specifically freestyle and her keen sense of musicality. 

So far in her career Kassidy has been fortunate enough to travel the world teaching and dancing. Some of the artists Kassidy has worked with include Hayley kiyoko, Kehlani, Ariana Grande, Kanye west. And she was also one of the feature dancers in the Rihanna X Fenty Savage show that closed out NY Fashion week. You can also find Kassidy teaching at multiple studios, Monsters of hip hop and also on of LA’s elite studios KM elite. 

Another thing that Kassidy takes so much pride in is her ability to connect with special needs dancers and she has been very passionate about her project EMpower through monsters of hip hop that allows special needs individuals to attend a specific dance workshop that caters to the needs of them and they all LOVE Kassidy’s infectious personality, who doesn’t? Kassidy hopes to continue to do what she loves most, dancing, teaching and inspiring around the world.


Ariana Grande


Kanye West


Hayley Kiyoko