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Lando started his training in Houston, Texas at the age of 13. He began in the ballroom & latin styles such as Salsa & Jive. He later sought out training in the urban dance scene &  joined a nationally ranked dance troupe at his high school by the name of - Inertia Dance Company - which consisted of b-boys & ballerinas. At Westside High, Lando was instructed by Ricky Cardenas & Sharon Roberts. who taught him the culture & fundamentals of Hip-Hop. Not only was Lando training in Hip-Hop, but in other styles like Contemporary, Jazz, & Modern outside of school at the dance studio - Danze Zone - instructed by Sheila Milner with the occasional ballet lesson with Prima Ballerina Lauren Anderson. During this same time in his youth, Lando took classes at local Hip-Hop dance studios Marvelous Motion & Revolution PAC where he met & trained with artists who would later found & direct the current Hip-Hop studios in Houston - Soreal PAC & Soundbox Studios.     

As Lando approached his high school graduation, he began traveling & training at dance conventions around the nation such as Monsters of Hip-Hop, The Pulse, NUVO, ETC. There he was provided with knowledge from top choreographers & dancers transitioning into the choreographer realm of the industry. These experiences & connections would foreshadow many future projects & opportunities upon Lando's pursuit of a professional dance career. 

Lando has been a professional dancer & choreographer now for 9 years in Los Angeles & frequently performs on/at various awards shows/events with well-known artists of today including JLO, Halsey, Big Sean, Fifth Harmony, to name a few.


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