Hip Hop


With a decade of choreographing, five years of teaching and a unique style of hip-hop dance, MIKEY DELLAVELLA comes from upstate New York using a mixture of musicality and creative wordplay in his movement. 

His aim is to make sure that his students leave his class with a better ear for music and an even stronger appreciation for dance. Having taught at popular Los Angeles studios such as Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds and Movement Lifestyle - he's no stranger to the teaching world. He's had the opportunity to teach in several cities including Las Vegas, Reno, Orlando, Tampa, California's Bay Area and Catalina Island. 

Mikey's skill and passion for teaching do not go unnoticed and fellow dancers collaborate their efforts creating dance pieces for master classes with him. To name a few, he's shared the front of the mirror instructing with Devin Solomon, Josh Williams, JoJo Gomez, Jun Quemado, Kanec, Fresh Redding and Ricky Cole. He is an active choreographer and teacher for immaBEAST, dance company created by hip-hop dancer Will "WilldaBeast" Adams and also a part of the dance crew Oceans 11. 


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