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-You may register for TBTP online at OR by calling (915)-873-4661 to host an in-studio intensive at your studio

 -The Bridge accepts checks, credit cards, cashiers checks, and money orders for registration fees 30 days prior to event date. 

 -Checks should be made payable to DGEMPIRE.

 -All returned checks will be subject to a $35 fee.

 -Early Tuition Fees apply to all registrations postmarked 30 days prior to the first day of the event. If fees are not paid in full 30 days prior, A late fee of $25 will be applied to each registered student.

-There are no refunds.!


-The BridgeTraining Program reserve the right to refuse admittance to, or to remove anyone who is disruptive, unruly or displays rude unacceptable behavior-to be determined at the director’s sole discretion.



Video recording and photography devices are permitted during the Training Program & is left to the choreographers discretion 


-Once registration for TBTP is submitted, it is agreed that all dancers, teachers, parents and other attendees will not hold THE Bridge responsible for any injury or loss of property during the event.


By registering or attending, I am fully aware of the risk associated with myself, my child, or my group participating in a dance class at The Bridge Training Program and will listen to instructions from the faculty or teachers. I acknowledge that I currently have adequate insurance coverage for myself, my child, or my group's protection. I realize the rise of injury involved and herby agree to assume the responsibility of such for said student and further agree to save and hold harmless The Bridge Training Program, DGEMPIRE, its employees, and all other concerned, and to indemnify them against loss.


I jointly and severally hereby forever release, discharge, and acquit The Bridge Training Program, DGEMPIRE from any and all contracts, claims, suits, acitons, or liabilites both in law and in equity specifically arising from, relating to or otherwaise described as an limited to participation in any dance class including damages damages or injuries arising from or resulting from participation at a Bridge Training program city.  This release shall be bidning upon and inure to the benfit of the parties, their successors, assigns, and personal representatives. In Case of emergency, I give my permisssion for emergency mediacl treatment.


I, as dancer, parent, group director, or guardian, agree to hold The Bridge Training Program, DGEMPIRE, and The Bridge faculty and staff harmless for any injury, damage, or loss sustained as a result of participation in in any events related to The Bridge or Event. If you have any doubts to your physical abilities, please consult with your physician before participating. 

I understand that by registering or attending the The Bridge Training Program, they may use any photo or video for promotional purposes.


I have read and shared the Training policies with my dancers and observers. 

No Refunds. No Exceptions.